“What made you want to make The Conspirator?”

First and foremost, I was drawn to the story. For me that’s where it always starts. When I read the script for The Conspirator, I was taken aback by the fact that it was really not about the assassination or Booth as much as it was about this personal story that takes place in the aftermath of the assassination, centering on this woman who ran a boarding house and the fellow who had to defend her. It’s set against the backdrop of one of the most famous events in our nation’s history, but at its core, it is deeply personal. I like that juxtaposition, to get inside a piece of history and tell a part of the story that remains relatively unknown.

Robert Redford

About Robert Redford

Director Robert Redford offers his insight into the talent, themes, and making of The Conspirator, due in theaters April 15.
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5 Responses to “What made you want to make The Conspirator?”

  1. Jaesinn says:

    Many people do not know about Mary Surrat, they think Booth and a few others just decide to up an assassinate Lincoln. Many people do not know that there was a huge conspiracy that involved many people, and needed enormous amounts of cooperation by sympathizers to the southern cause. Many of whom never even came into light or trial! The story of Mary Surrat is one that intrigues us, due to it’s noble story of a mother’s love for her son, a love that probably led to her sacrifice in the protection of that son! Can’t wait for this film to open up, I have read many stories on the subject, and a full feature film on it is a great way of conveying a great story!
    Good job to everyone involved in it’s making!!!

    • Janet Cummings says:

      I love American History!! I’m looking forward to this movie – and what the conspiracy was all about…thanks Mr. Redford!

  2. Robyn Johnson says:

    I am so looking forward to this movie. We always assume what we read are the facts and thats it. I also love the date you picked to open the movie. Lincoln was shot on April 14 but died on Arpil 15. Thank you for making this movie.

  3. Sue M says:

    Just got an email from the IL State Bar Assoc re: “The Conspirator” complimentary movie screening for lawyers at a theater off Mich Ave in Chicago. As a resident of IL we have a special affinity to Abe since we are in the “Land of Lincoln”.

    I recently made a couple of trips to Placitas/ABQ/Santa Fe to visit a friend, and I was awestruck by the land, the history and the people. Perhaps someone is writing a good script/story about some of the rich, untold history of this state?

    Generally speaking, I think movie goers are starving for good stories that have characters with a lot of depth — especially about American History. I’m looking forward to the screening on 3/30 of “The Conspirator”.

  4. E. Duff says:

    I am always inspired by the depth of Mr. Redford’s work. As a lover of history and one who is interested in the ‘real’ story I am truly looking forward to this movie!

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